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If you had a chance to build something new and innovative after having 100 years of experience in an industry what would it look like?  How would it provide value for customers?  How would it interact to solve problems? Or better yet, how would it structure itself to head off problems before they even occur?  Such questions lead us to one simple strategy “Freight Simplified”.  We’ve seen it all, we know what works, we know how to impress customers and we do it on a daily basis.  

The business is shipping; Truckload (FTL), Less than Truckload (LTL), Expedited Services, and Specialized. The promise is with our one-to-one managed services your aggregated shipping costs will drop significantly.

We perform simply by providing our customers with great people, proven processes, and cloud based technology that provides visibility into the status of your shipments.  Being simple ensures we deliver your freight, whether its one shipment or 1,000, on-time and at a great price.  

The name Freightsaver.com, stands for more than price.  There might be instances where we aren’t the best price scenario for your shipping need.  The term “freight saver” stands for our team approach to leverage our vast amount of experience to protect your business interests by protecting your freight throughout its journey in the supply chain.    

Freightsaver.com is a calm voice in a chaotic world and we’re eager to earn your trust.  Try us once for your next shipment, and we’ll see where things go from there.  Now thats “Freight Simplified”.

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Our philosophy
“Win Everyday” through communication and collaboration to earn our customers trust with their supply chain so as our customers evolve we evolve to drive value and results.
Keys to Differentiating
  1. Leaders of industry

  2. Practical solutions to shipping needs

  3. Genuine interest in your business

  4. Creative solutions to reduce costs

  5. 15 Minute Quotes are fast and simple

  6. Innovative approach to expediting services

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We are proud to work with
YRC Reimer
Central Transport
Daylight Transport
R+L Carriers
Central Freight Lines
AAA Cooper Transportation
Southeastern Freight Lines
The Custom Companies
Dohrn Transfer Company